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“You were plugged-in to this life to amplify the wildly brilliant and undeniable originality that is you, but the obstacles and hurdles that have taken up residence at your front door are dimming your shine.” ~AD   



Creating the life you love in the essence of every space involves a reckoning between objects and your relationship to them. Making space to evolve in your home, life, and heart requires constant editing and evaluation. If your possessions are getting in the way of your time, energy, creativity, or love, you can invite these possessions to the door and let them go. No matter the circumstances, it is possible to transition away from too much or too little and find the balance of just enough.


As you infuse more creation, growing, and expansion into your day-to-day, organizational tools that once served you may no longer be an adequate container for the brilliance of your present moment. Intuitive system building and revision can bring greater clarity and reflection to your left-brain view of the world through Positivity, Maintaining Focus, Analysis, Logic, Symbolic language, and Structure while creating even more space for the right-brain enterprise of Inspiration, Empathy, Understanding and Meta-View.


As the river of your life bends and winds it transforms every part of the habitat it touches. Your energetic and spatial alignment directly effects your growth in all areas of your life, physical and mental. Whether you wish to invite more connectedness in your home, create a sacred space just for you, simplify your actions, house your creativity, or ready your adventure, uncovering new perspectives and personal space can reveal your infinite potential.


Your time is embedded in the soundtrack of your life. Your soundtrack pumps out the beats with inherent ebb and flow. Let's own that! Balancing your wants with your needs is the dance you create in time with your internal resonance. Owning your time requires you to courageously let go, delegate, set boundaries, and shine a spotlight on self-awareness and self-care in order to truly get your groove on.



I offer in-home and virtual services.

one session ~ 3 hours ~ $270: one session/one room: may include, but is not limited to, consulting, working with what you’ve got, making edits and additions, addressing flow and function within a chosen space, maintenance sessions, removal of *donation items, and transformation coaching.

one month package ~ 6 hours ~ $520: two sessions/one or more rooms: may include, but is not limited to, consulting, working with what you’ve got, making edits and additions, addressing flow and function within a chosen space, maintenance sessions, removal of *donation items, and transformation coaching.

personal shopping ~ per hour ~ $100: includes research hours and travel mileage: we’ve been making magic happen in your space and now we need some final touches. Art, lighting, throw blankets, fresh towels, plants, pillows, shelving, rugs: those fresh pieces will bring it all together and breathe new life into your space.

travel outside of portland

~ via car: approx. $.84 per minute / 3.5 hour maximum (eugene, seattle, bend)

~ via plane: you buy ticket, I cover accommodations, you cover transportation

you’re ready for a transformation.

Loving Love notes from amazing clients:

from portland, or ...

this woman is magic and this is how i know >>> for YEARS my basement has haunted me: over fourteen years worth of $hit in boxes and bags and bins that i have never had the energy to look at much less touch. alethea came over on a winter’s day with her shop vac and her red sharpies and all her wisdom and we tackled my space in four hours–we worked hard and we worked together and she held the torch and made me see the light. the amount that we got done was incredible — i had needed her vision and her words of encouragement to motivate and move me. she cleared out my cobwebs and dark corners and i shed a few turquoise tears of relief when i was able to see the concrete floor once again. she organizes like a boss and motivates in a reach-down-and-move-your-soul kind of way. if you need some life guidance or if your basement is a cluster, call this lady up and i promise you will be (more than) glad that you did.    ~S.B.  [creative powerhouse]

~Sue M,

mother, outdoor adventurist, analytics specialist

I just have to say again that I am so happy you came to the house and those 3 hours have carried over into many more hours of organization. The kitchen is done, my container store items arrived and it is a huge difference for the pantry. Night and day and after a few weeks, things have stayed organized. Everything is much cleaner and more organized. Even the kids like it. So obviously, the new configuration is working for all of us.


postpartum doula, kick-ass cook, mother, goddess nurturer

Working with Alethea is like working with your coolest fairy godsister. She gets stuff done in half the time it takes mortals and helps you feel amazing in the process. Like, really amazing; soul-searched, true to your highest-self and on the right, golden path to vibrant living and your dream future. (I'm not kidding! She's incredible.)


book enthusiast, grandmother, artist

Working with Alethea has been an enormous pleasure for me --- not only because she has gone a long way toward helping me to organize my life, but also because she brightens my life with her presence. She always has a constructive plan for what we need to accomplish each time she comes here. Her ideas are very helpful and, best of all, she presents them in a gentle, non-judgmental and very patient way. Alethea is a true gift and I highly recommend her!


mother, wife, attorney

I am so grateful for Alethea's help tackling a big project in my home (reorganizing our kitchen after deciding to demolish our mudroom), organizing throughout our home and helping me find the perfect furniture. She is a joy to work with - professional, responsive, non judgmental, fun(!) and efficient. I would recommend her services to anyone.


photographer, mother, dreamer, karaoke slayer

My living room has never been a space I have liked. The furniture has never fit correctly, the flow has never been good; it was never a room I wanted to spend time in so....I avoided it. When Alethea came to my house to help me with this space, I was nervous--it felt vulnerable to let anyone look that closely at my disorganization and clutter: the dirt under my couch, the chaos of my bookshelves, the things that I held onto for no reason. BUT, I chose to trust her with it all and in a few hours, she completely transformed my space. I came home and walked into my house and almost did not recognize my living room: in that short amount of time, by moving around furniture and thinning out some of my stuff, she had created a room that I now love. She has an innate ability to see not only a person's space; she sees the person within that space and is able to create magic at that intersection. She turned my living room into a place that I not only want to spend time in, it is now my favorite room in the house.

~Masha M,

biogeochemist, seamstress, mother

Our living room is large and challenging because each wall occupied by windows or fireplace, so for 9 years I struggled to make it cozy and inviting. It took Alethea three hours to transform my living room from nothing special to everyone's favorite space. She moved things around, removed some decor and suggested adding few low-cost accents (plants, pillows, light and a big canvas print). I was with her during the process and I enjoyed it a lot. It was very educational. Alethea was great at explaining why certain piece of furniture/decor would look better in a new spot and improve the flow of the space. Although I was confident in Alethea's taste and trusted her vision for our space, I was nervous how my husband and sons would react to the new layout. When my son saw the room he exclaimed "This is SO much better!!". It's the best room in the house now, everyone wants to hang out here!