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Growth and Gratitude

The process toward fulfillment can take on many forms. Each of these incarnations has the power to activate and expand parts of ourself that haven't previously been given the recognition or space that allows each to truly shine. This kick-off Blog Post is my ringing of the bell, my joy and gratitude for each newly expanded part of myself that is lighting the way to my dreams.

How did I make room for this, you ask?  Well, it was not without a joyful bird, a familiar glance, an energetic force, and a well placed word. These endearing values arrived through offerings received and connections made with four richly nurturing individuals. It is my great pleasure to share these powerfully creative guides with you. 

Penelope Rose Miller was my first Co-Active Coach, and in so doing was the first to hand me a completely unexpected and resilient light source, one of many tools that has explored and shaken the earth beneath my feet. We shared and continue to share a beautifully designed alliance that empowers me to shift and reshape the energy and obstacles along my path.

Shelby Brakken  has been witness to the many lessons learned throughout my forwarding of action and deepening of learning. Within this string of years her creative eye has never stopped capturing moments of wonder and appreciation, acceptance and celebration. Through her gifts I have been given the opportunity to see my authentic beauty and creative strength. Her depictive love notes are sprinkled proudly throughout this website.

Liliana Barzola arrived with open arms by way of intuitive mastery during two separate, highly transformational moments in my life.  On these subsequent occasions, without a second thought, she shared with me an integritous force followed by a design wherein I could create a protected and grounded space to get to work.  This space was filled with emerald green and sunset pink, tools for action, and sweet sweet freedom holding hands with relief. 

Allison Jones, you sexy beast; your savvy commands these wild woods. I found Allison's brilliance after following a spark of curiosity and imagining; an exploration that was a defining moment for the diligence you see before you. She listened carefully in the forest of my mind then saw clearly the home that I was building; her craftsmanship and skill perfectly matching my aesthetic.  With every cherished plank and beam I stacked, Allison measured and edited when needed. And before I could even exhale, a clean and spacious home was built.  

I would highly recommend each of these women for the amazing and unique talents they offer the world. 

To each of you, with all my heart, I thank you,



Alethea Dalton