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It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.
— Lena Horne

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Mine has been a simmering pot peppered with observation and sorting, insight and design, listening and laughter. I'm a mother, a creative, a life coach, and a spatial intuitive. It never ceases to amaze me how our unique, one-of-a-kind genius begins it's journey so early in our lives. 

Raised in an intentional community in the mid-seventies in the Midwest, I would often ask to ride along on jobs to salvage and reuse materials for new structures. On occasion, we cleaned out and refurbished mobile homes. These containers for holding and protecting were in utter chaos, dirty and abandoned. It was at this young age that I developed a deep compassion for lives in disarray, the space that held them, and the conversation between the two. The possibility of excavation and development became the spark for my purpose.

As a college student, I dove into graphic design. The organization of space on a page met with succinct language fit my childhood affinity for placement and balance. Weaving in an interdisciplinary focus of photojournalism and Japanese, I honed my ability to communicate through space, observation, story, and authenticity. 

After college, I moved to Tokyo, Japan. The experience was eye-opening—the use of limited physical space was innovative, the relationship to objects was deep-seated, and the dichotomy of public and private life was a tightrope walk of power and play. Inspired to sort out this complex relationship between the feeling and function of our lives in space, I pursued a professional program in Interior Architecture and was drawn to the Pacific Northwest and its own unique sense of place.

Here in Portland, Oregon, I became a mother and my relationship to space and life quickly evolved. As I gave more and more of myself over to my children and my partner, I woke up one day to a home that represented more of my untruths than my truths. "Whose home is this?", I thought. "How will I ever be more than the circumstances that run my life?"  My threshold had been reached, and under the guise of business mentorship, I began a year long personal journey with a Co-Active Coach and marveled as old belief systems and thought patterns fell away and transformed. The inner work of co-active coaching broke the chains of negativity allowing me to stand in my fullness and strengths. Within a few short months of personal excavation I regained my inspiration to build a vibrant and creative home full of authentic expression, aesthetic integrity, and functional, real-world systems.  I couldn't wait to use my inherent spacial awareness, organizational strengths, empathy, and intuitive ability to share the value of space and the freedom that comes from a life aligned with values with my clients.

I am a Mother, a Creative, a Spatial Intuitive, and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). 

I empower my clients to make their dreams a reality, to rehabilitate their power, and to feel the profound aliveness of living in alignment with their unique, one-of-a-kind genius. I am honored to work with a wide range of individuals and families throughout the United States and Canada.  Set up a call with me today to START LIVING YOUR EMPOWERED LIFE. 


pieces of me.

I am fierce courage grounded in values and connectedness. I choose aliveness in myself and the world around me. I was born to dance with you in the dark. Co-creative conversation gives voice to my inspiration and stokes my fires. I dance and sing to the magic of the moment and the magic of me & you.  My inner child was raised on milk from a tiger and that certainly had everything to do with my middle name being Lyons. A stag walks with me. Getting into action shifts me out of being awake into being alive. Integrity is my touchstone. Gen-Xer. Music lives in my DNA. I exercise my inner fitness everyday. I practice mindfulness and meditation to create portals and open pathways. My playfulness and joy ground me in my authentic power and nourish my soul. My children are perfect reflections of the light and shadow of my purpose. There is no navigating until you arrive. Kick-boxing, Kettlebells, and Karaoke, Yep. Creativity is tuning in and strumming with persistent heart. I am the Holy Shit that calls you to your genuine power. I will not stand down.

ninja moves

ninja moves